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If you are searching for a software for electronic music production, then this article presents you six highly capable programs. Each and every digital audio workstation (aka DAW) in this list, except for one, contains a function called MIDI sequencer, and also a VST instrument support, which are two crucial features for such kind of loop-based music production. Those attributes enable you to add most commonly used digital instruments to your songs, such as synthesisers, strings, virtual drums, and many more.

Following are three non-paid options.

Acid Xpress

Acid Xpress is the free version of a paid program called Sony ACID Pro, which is mentioned later in this article. While it allows you to create only up to 10 simultaneous tracks, and has numerous additional limitations compared to Sony ACID Pro, it can be a great software for electronic music for anyone who just wants to experiment with some more simple loop-based compositions. Notice that this is the only program in this list which lacks the support for VST instruments.


Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) runs exceptionally well both on Linux and Windows. It contains comprehensive tools and functions, which make it a great open-source alternative to many paid programs. It even comes with a select amount of example tracks, which can be used as tutorials to acquire the necessary skills for working with this program more easily.

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Although it is not a completely free software, I decided to make you aware of this awesome multi-track audio and MIDI environment, since the free version has basically no limitations at all, allowing you to start making music right away. It is another thorough cross-platform digital audio workstation, and just as LMMS, it has full support for both MIDI and VST instruments.

Now let us proceed to the paid software for electronic music.

FL Studio

Being the cheapest when compared to the following two ones, this program is no less capable in producing high quality beats. It combines the ease of use with in-depth tools. While it may not have the most intuitive interface for recording acoustic instruments, it suits the style of electronic music perfectly, since it is equipped with a vast array of genre-specific instruments, and a simple-to-use MIDI sequencer.

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